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Each of our unique products have a better and best option, allowing you to reach more customers with value propositions that will increase profitability for your dealership. These added revenue streams help provide wealth to our auto dealer clients.

Our Product offerings include:

  • Vehicle Service Contracts
  • Tire & Wheel/Road Hazard plans
  • Key Replacement
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection
  • Pre-Paid Maintenance
  • Theft Protection (Active & Passive)
  • Vehicle Appearance protection
  • Environmental Service Contracts
  • Combo Products
  • Certified Pre-Owned
  • Lifetime Powertrain Warranties
  • Limited Warranties

Top-Tier Dealership Development

At ASURA, we know what it takes to help get consistent results in an ever-changing market. It can be challenging for multi-location dealership groups, or even single point stores to consistently follow critical practices at all locations and departments. These practices flow through a wide range of areas, from the customer experience to dealership profitability to risk exposures.

That is why it is crucial to have a well-designed blueprint to maintain profitability and create long term growth. We work with you to help create your own customized blueprint that helps achieve your goals. Once the blueprint is developed we implement it with internal procedures and practices. This allows us to teach, measure, and implement your blueprint while ultimately becoming a part of your broader culture.

One of the best ways to create this culture is from the ground up. We customize a plan to create an internal pipeline to help grow talent from within. This allows you to have the edge on your competition when it comes to talent acquisition, sustained growth, and overall business culture.

Building Wealth in Todays Market

In an environment were profit margins are becoming compressed and competition from the technology sector continues to expand into the automotive space, dealers need to maximize every possible opportunity to create wealth for themselves.  Historically dealers have counted on the blue sky of their business and the underlying real estate as their foundations to long term wealth.  However these have become less reliable in the ever changing franchise landscape with the onset of new competitors.

In addition the ability to consistently expand the various avenues to wealth development are vital. Through the development of non-dealership assets, such as reinsurance, captive and self-insurance, and dealer owned finance companies. When is the last time your structure was reviewed to make sure it is meeting the needs of your wealth development? At ASURA we can help analyze and customize the choices that are best for you and your customers.

Types of dealer income participations:

Self Insured
We can show you legal and insured ways to hold the reserves for the products you sell. The advantages include allowing you to offset floor plan accounts, improve liquidity or control investment choices.

With no set-up costs, no annual expenses to consider and no tax implications involved, retrospectives offer the easiest mechanism for a dealer to participate in the underwriting profit and corresponding investment income of the products they sell.

For dealers who want to earn the highest return available from underwriting profit and investment income, owning a reinsurance company can have additional benefits such as preferential tax treatment, estate planning and key employee retention.


Compliance is Paramount

What does real income development training mean?

Income development training can mean many different things to dealerships across the country. At ASURA we believe the proper process can set you apart from your competition. That process should always be positioned with the way your customer receives information. We use industry leading technology to combine big data with age old processes to develop a new age way to communicate with your customer. Making the customer feel more at ease to make a buying decision along with being centered around a fully compliant process.

With the CFPB continually expanding their reach in the automotive space, compliance is something the dealer can not afford to overlook. Our services come with full compliance training, provided by a state specific automotive attorney, who has been certified by the state as a compliance educator.

Separating You From the Competition

It’s the age old question of why should a customer buy from you and not your competitor?

Dealerships need something unique that creates a market separator to edge out their competition. Consumers today are willing to do research for longer and drive further in an effort to increase the value provided in relation to their vehicle purchase. A customized why buy here program creates a separation within the market place while increasing revenue.

Over recent years car dealers have dramatically improved the ways in which they take care of their customers. However, more is needed to stand out in an ever-changing marketplace and to earn a customer’s business. At ASURA we have worked in partnership with dealer groups to create unique value propositions for their customers, further separating them from their competition.

The ASURA “Why Buy Here” program incorporates:

  • Products and services centered around the consumers maintenance cycle
  • A custom training program to help instill the why buy here program into the overall culture of the dealership while creating long term success with the program
  • Specific components focused on customer retention, servicing, and their next vehicle purchase

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