A Team with an Experienced Past and a Profitable Future.

At ASURA, decades of experience gives us the knowledge and expertise to find the opportunities for additional support, training, and revenue for your dealership.


Always Innovating

Founded under the rain clouds in the Pacific Northwest, ASURA recognized a gap in the market. Companies had a difficult time ensuring their employees were well equipped to offer their premier services and packages and needed a specialist to help provide the training, coaching, and resources to offer optimal customer care.

At ASURA, we don’t just provide great resources and offerings, we provide true peace of mind. When making a major automotive purchase, it is easy for stress to run high and tensions to develop between consumers and dealer retailers. We set out to remove that stress from the world, and create the tools, training assets, and packages to empower and assure both the dealer and the buyer.

ASURA isn’t a piece of software or a manual that sits in a glove compartment. It is a true helping hand that guides employees to be empowered, knowledgeable, and driven. We believe in transparency at every step, and making sure our client’s team has every tool available at their disposal to generate peak performance.

Expertise creates a sense of pride, and we aim to ensure every employee, both our own and our client’s, has a sense of empowerment. Customer needs shift quickly, and it can be easy to fall behind. At ASURA, we do the heavy lifting and bring the expertise and relevancy to ensure your clients and customers have the information and assurance to buy with confidence. The relationship between our clients and their customers is the key to our client’s long-term success.

ASURA represents a true extension of every client’s business. Whether it is training resources on modern service packages or having a trained expert on standby, we don’t think of our customers as clients, we think of them as a family. At ASURA, we take pride knowing we go the extra mile to equip your team for success.

Our Team of Experts

Jeremy Williams


Jeremy started with ASURA (formerly Ries Management) in 2007 after spending time in the retail car business as a sales professional and Finance Manager. Jeremy was hired with the task of developing a F&I income development team to enhance the dealer’s customer experience.

In 2016 Jeremy acquired Ries Management from founding owner Jim Ries. Jeremy’s focus since acquisition has been to develop a team of experienced retail car professionals to provide dealers with exceptional service and training.

Jeremy and his wife Tonya have a one year old daughter named Charlotte. In addition Jeremy enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, snowboarding, and reading in his free time.


Adrian Anania

Account Executive

Before joining ASURA, Adrian grew up in Nebraska and attended the University of Nebraska before moving to North Carolina and beginning his career in the automotive industry. Adrian began his career with Hendrick Automotive Group and spent multiple years in different levels of sales and management. Adrian focuses on finance training and continually improving the customer experience in partnership with dealership personnel.


Brendan Doyle

Account Executive

Brendan came to ASURA after spending 8 years at the Stevenson Automotive Group in North Carolina. He spent most of his career moving up into the different levels of sales and management ending with a main focus on training. Brendan focuses on F&I training and front sales processes. He has a passion for developing and getting the best out of all the people he works with.

In his spare time he enjoys traveling to warm sunny places and participates in many outdoor activities such as skiing, surfing, and mountain biking. He has two children Kellan 15 and Jackson 10.


Ryan Tracht

Business Development

Ryan has been in the Automotive and RV Industry for 10 years. He began as a sales professional and spent the majority of his time as a finance manager in the retail automotive space. Ryan focuses on business development throughout the Auto, RV and Powersports space.

He enjoys spending time with his family and has two daughters ages 1 and 3. For fun he and his family travel around the Northwest in their camper, as well as taking his Off-Road UTV out for adventures.


David Cowan

Account Trainer and Developer

David is a leader in automotive sales and has served as a Salesman and Finance Manager for multiple franchise dealers. With over a decade of experience working in the automotive industry, he has gained significant skills in sales techniques and strategy, team leadership, financial management, and revenue growth.

David is well-versed in many different aspects of sales. He specializes in financial management, compliance practices, and on the job training. He believes cultivating an excellent workplace culture is key to motivating employees at all levels of the organization.


Cassandra Evans

Office Manager

Before coming to ASURA, Cassandra worked in the Automotive industry for 10 years. She started as a Service Cashier and her eagerness to learn quickly catapulted her to take on numerous roles in the accounting office. A few of the roles included: Warranty Clerk, Title Clerk, Car Biller, and Office Manager. Cassandra has a passion for consistency and procedures, and is dedicated to setting up and improving processes to optimize a company’s growth.

In her down time, Cassandra enjoys reading, and being outdoors.



  • Ahead of the Curve

    We are constantly examining real-time transactions and customizing our process to achieve the customer experience your dealership wants.

  • Evolving Products

    Our unique product offerings allow dealers to reach more customers through increased value propositions, while attaining an industry leading customer experience.

  • Technology Forward

    We understand the ever changing retail landscape in a digital world. We look at the way dealers and customers interact, while using technology to address and enhance their overall experience.